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Who is Dr.OZ?? Dr. Oz is a Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and television personality. (Learn More About Dr.OZ Here).

Whenever people mention weight loss products or any kind of weight management program, there are plenty of these out there, especially in Malaysia and many other Asian countries! However, are we really using the right products or the right way for our weight loss journey?? Are we really losing the RIGHT WEIGHT?? How Much Do You Know About Losing Weight? Feeling lost?

Let’s See What Dr.OZ Says About Weight Loss:

Well, I hope you now have a better understanding of weight loss after watching the Video. DO YOU KNOW that the issue of obesity in Malaysia is getting worse and worse by the year?? Researchers are warning that obesity will overtake smoking as the No. 1 cause of preventable diseases! Recent surveys have shown more than 40% of Malaysian adults are overweight or obese! (Malaysia has the HIGHEST obesity rate in Asia!!)

“Obesity has serious implications for health. It is associated with increased risk for a variety of disorders including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, arthritis and some cancers!!”

If you are looking at these statistics, I want you to pause, and start thinking why the obesity issue is getting worse since we have so many weight loss programs in Malaysia??

Could it be that those programs Don’t Work?? Perhaps many products and programs do work very well for weight loss but the real problem starts when we want to maintain our new weight, and not long after the fat “Rebounds“again (GASPPPP)!!! True but sad!!. So what is the missing FACTOR that most of those weight loss programs don’t tell us?? The Answers is :


Weight Loss Malaysia Cleanse ToxinsLosing Weight Is Simple, but losing the Right Weight Is always the Biggest Problem to everyone of us! How much do you know about the cause of Toxins In our body??

Importantly, we need to know that our body stores fat to insulate itself from toxins. So if we are not losing the RIGHT WEIGHT we will still end up carrying a very dangerous & unknown fat call The inner Fat – Visceral Fat.

What Is Visceral Fat & Why Is Visceral Fat Hazardous To All Of Us??

(Regardless whether we are thin Or fat)

Perhaps Now You Should Know Why It Is Very Important To BURN AWAY The RIGHT WEIGHT!!! Everyone of us needs to pay close ATTENTION to this– Is DIET plan a good plan to Lose Weight??

What Does ‘DIET’ STAND FOR IN 2015?

Weight Loss Malaysia Diet Is Not Good1) DIET = Did I Eat That?

2) DIET = Do I Eat Today?

3) DIET = Dinner Is Exciting Time!

Diet Plans have been around for more than a decade but are they healthy and safe for weight loss? Traditional Diet Plans don’t help us to lose the RIGHT WEIGHT anymore in the modern era simply because most of our available food (More than 50%, at least) are have gone through GMO processes (Genetically Modified)!!! So what’s the difference between a traditional diet plan and our system??

Weight Loss Malaysia Isagenix Cleanse Toxins vs DietsOur Weight Loss Program is a nutritionally based cleansing diet. It is based on the knowledge that your body stores fat to insulate itself from toxins. If you lose weight through other diets, but don’t eliminate these toxins, your body will try to replenish your fat stores. Scientific evidence supports this theory, and according to studies, cleansing days combat weight gain and oxidative stress.

When our body is not physiologically stressed with toxins, it is naturally efficient at eliminating pollutants without the detrimental effects from chemical and environmental impurities. The key difference between our nutritional cleanse and diets out there is NUTRITION.

In a typical cleanse diet, you replace all nutrition with fruit juice or lemonade. You will lose weight but you will also deprive your body of essential nutrients and lose muscle mass. Most cleanse diets last between two and 10 days, although the Master Cleanse lasts for 21 days. Our Nutritional Cleansing Program lasts 30 days, and provides nutritionally complete supplements and shakes to replace your regular meals and maintain lean body mass.

So The Right Question To Ask Is:

Who Wants To Lose The RIGHT Weight NOW???


A Scientific Program That Helps You Lose Weight In 30 Days, While Cleansing Your Body from Toxins…

In the event that you have ever battled with weight issues, you would have attempted many different ways to become fit, only to end up being frustrated each time!!

For some, you may have experienced shedding pounds by going on crash dieting programs, just to have the kilo’s piling on again once you resumed eating your usual foods. For others, you may have attempted high power workouts, just to lose all confidence when you realise how slow the results are.


Weight Loss Malaysia Exercise Until Frustrated

You realize that your current weight is not in the “healthy range”- yet, those pills, supplements and crazy crash diets simply appear to make your issues go from bad to worse…

How to Lose Weight In Malaysia, In A Fast and Healthy Way? You Must Know The Right System

Getting in shape with a sound and healthy way can turn out to be very tricky. With our busy timetables, bad eating habits and lack of physical exercise, many of us turn to costly alternatives, for example, injections and slimming treatments.

However, can we really afford the cost of slimming centre packages, and would you want to risk your health on untested weight loss supplements?

Make The Choice Today- Choose Your Health!

Health is Wealth. Take charge of your own health and always give yourself the best!

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